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Native American Costume

Alisa Majetic
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Alisa is currently an undergraduate student at the University of North Dakota. She is in her senior year, making her one step closer to receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology with a minor in criminal justice. Alisa is of Bosnian descent and is a first generation American and a first-generation student. She values diversity and inclusivity, hence her participation as a research assistant with the National Indigenous Justice Information Inclusion (NIJII). Alisa believes projects such as the NIJII are important because it allows for the promotion of acceptance and understanding as people learn and become familiar with a culture that is different from their own. Her personal interests involve her family, her pets, her heritage, true crime, and books. Alisa recently became involved with this project and looks forward to working with a dedicated team that shares similar values to her own and to spreading inclusivity.  

Dela K.R. Kponomaizoun 
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Dela K.R. Kponomaizoun is currently an undergraduate student and a French tutor at the University of North Dakota. She is from Togo where she previously earned a bachelor's degree in political science. She is now in her freshman year, making her way to a bachelor's degree in criminal justice and a minor in French and Forensic Psychology as a first-generation student. Dela believes in tolerance, giving back to the community, and values diversity and inclusivity. She believes in promoting the representation of minorities and therefore, is an active member of the National Indigenous Justice Information Inclusion project. Dela enjoys caring for her family, traveling, and cooking exotic food! 

Emily DeBell 
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Emily DeBell is an undergraduate in Psychology and American Indian Studies at the University of North Dakota. She is originally from California but has been a resident of North Dakota for the past several years. Her research interests include historical trauma and the impacts it has on mental health. She enjoys reading, art, and harvesting wild fruits and herbs for homemade recipes. 

Mario Medeles
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Originally born in AZ and lived in Las Vegas for most of life before moving to Houston, TX for some time. Currently a freshman majoring in Computer Science with a minor in CJ. Also, very family driven.

Our Team

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